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When it comes to choosing between Linux and Windows dedicated servers, many people opt to go with the lower-priced Linux option in order to save on their monthly budget. But for many enterprise and business customers, this would actually be the wrong choice — and it would likely be more costly than choosing the Windows option. There are several great reasons to choose a Windows dedicated server, not the least of which is compatibility with the most popular productivity and collaboration tools on the market.

Little to No Employee Training Required

Let’s face it: most employees of any major company or small business are simply not familiar with a Linux operating or web hosting environment. To choose a solution based on this open source operating system would require a business to dedicated hours — and lots of money — to training their employees on the new software. They would have to learn new email applications and web interfaces, new control panel interfaces, and new database applications that may deviate from their Windows-centric training. It’s a costly proposition for any company.

Choosing to host a company’s website, applications, and communication tools with a Windows dedicated server means that a company is choosing the same company — and the same products — that most employees are trained to use. A Windows dedicate server has an inherently small learning curve, as the vast majority of the population has been using Microsoft applications for more than three decades.

Easy Integration With Windows Technologies

A Windows dedicated server allows a company to easily integrate collaboration tools into the daily lives of employees. Microsoft’s document collaboration and syncing services — using technologies like Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint — is easy to enable in Windows. Employees will find that it is virtually seamless to create, save, and share documents between their own workstation and the server (or “cloud”) and they will enjoy how easy it is to access documents on their home computer or via their mobile device.

A Windows dedicated server also integrates directly with Microsoft SQL — the company’s version of the open source MySQL software. A company’s employees will be able to access all of the server’s databases using a desktop version of the Microsoft SQL server or even the Microsoft Access application included with every standard installation of the company’s Microsoft Office software suite of productivity applications. Database administration is comparably more complex on Linux servers, and most people would feel as if they were re-learning their entire skill set in order to make this possible.

In the Long Run, Windows is as Affordable as Linux

Dedicated servers running on Linux operating systems easily seduce customers with their lower monthly fees, but they make no mention of the learning curve inherent with purchasing a Linux-based hosting plan. As companies and small businesses take time out of their busy schedules to learn this new technology, and teach it to existing employees and co-workers, they rack up a large sum of money in lost productivity, training time, and purchased training materials. When all is said and done, it’s likely that the company spent more on training their employees than they would have for one year of a Windows dedicated server hosting plan.

When choosing a Windows dedicated server, customers know that they’re buying a technology which they already know how to use. They know it will require minimal setup for maximum integration into their existing workstations. They know the software will be frequently updated, refined, developed, and redeployed. Those are advantages that no Linux server customer ever has the comfort of enjoying.

A No-Brainer for Business

Linux dedicated server products make sense for smaller businesses, web enthusiasts, or open source professionals. But for the business which needs a simple, plug-and-play solution which saves them time and money, Windows dedicate server products are the way to go. Their advanced technology will take the business to new heights, while their small learning curve will give employees and developers the confidence they need in order to put a powerful dedicated server to good use.

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