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Shopping for web hosting products can be a long and complicated process, with technical terms and many options confusing the average customer. But, for those interested in an advanced and customizable web hosting solution, there is perhaps no better option than a managed dedicated server. These servers are fully customizable by the user, but their functions and software are maintained by a third-party host. It’s easily the best of both worlds, with many benefits for the end user.

Managed Dedicated Servers Offer More Space and Power

One of the key differences between a dedicated managed server and a typical shared hosting plan is that these servers dedicated all of their hard disk space, memory, and hard disk storage space to just one user’s account. There is no need to share processing power or any other hardware contained in this server. Instead, it is dedicated entirely the website (or websites) that the hosting plan owner sets up.

Furthermore, those customers who choose typical shared hosting plans do not get to customize just how much power is dedicated to their series of websites or applications. When choosing a managed dedicated server, this is exactly how a choice is made: a consumer decides how much space, memory, and pressing power they need — and then they buy it. The hosting company provides this raw power for a monthly fee — without limitations, imposed sharing, or fine print.

Software is Handled by the Hosting Company

Owning a dedicated server can be a complex process for those who choose not to go with a managed dedicated server option. That’s because an unmanaged server will require the hosting plan’s owner to update, maintain, and debug every installed application. That includes things like MySQL or MS SQL database installations, technologies like PHP, Perl, and Apache, and control panel software solutions. It can be complex and even impossible for the novice dedicated server customer.

A managed dedicated server does not require the same technical know-how as an unmanaged option. Instead, the software installed to a company’s managed dedicated servers is kept in good repair by professional technicians behind the scenes. This means a dedicated managed server customer can enjoy all the benefits of their own server while handing off many of the responsibilities to someone whose profession revolves around keeping server hardware in software in good working order.

It also means that any technical glitches with the software are the responsibility of the web host, and not the responsibility of the server owner. This saves dedicated managed server plan buyers from the large expense of hourly server maintenance and debugging, and it’s great for small business or web hobbyist budgets.

Managed Dedicated Servers are Affordable

A dedicated managed server is still an easily affordable option for small businesses, web developers, and hobbyists alike. While the service is slightly more costly than an unmanaged option, a managed dedicated server spares consumers the expense of buying server for the software, hiring hourly server maintenance technicians, and it saves them time by exempting them from timely software updates and server restarts.

Managed dedicated servers more than pay for themselves over the term of their use. They require virtually no maintenance and can be used in much the same way as a shared hosting plan — except that managed dedicated servers are exponentially more powerful than virtual hosting.

Rapid Technological Advancement for Managed Dedicated Servers

A dedicated managed server is only as good as the processing power and storage space that powers it, and this is where customers really benefit when choosing a managed solution. Processors for web servers are rapidly advancing, as Intel perfects its quad core Xeon platform, and the price of memory and hard disk storage continues to fall. It all adds up to a trend which favors consumers: more power, a lower price, and less of a wait between upgrades.

A Solid Solution for Professionals

Managed dedicated servers are the perfect mix between advanced power and ease of use. They’re perfect for small businesses which lack an IT department, web professionals who lack the necessary time to maintain a dedicated server, and web enthusiasts who simply lack the technical skills to fix the problems that can sometimes arise on an unmanaged product. And, considering their excellent pricing and rapidly advancing technology, they’re also the smart option for budget-minded consumers.

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