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One of the toughest decision that any web hosting customer has to make is whether to pick a dedicated server based on Windows or Linux technologies. While a Windows dedicated server offers familiar technologies that easily plug into an existing Windows desktop, a Linux dedicated server offers rapidly-advancing open source technology that is more affordable on a monthly basis and more customizable every day of the week. While enterprise customers may prefer Windows products, a Linux dedicated server has several key benefits that developers and web enthusiasts simply find indispensable.

Open Source Technology Means Living on the Cutting Edge

There’s no doubt that Microsoft remains firmly committed to developing its Windows Server technologies, but the company is simply too big and closed-source to issue frequent updates to its applications and operating systems. That is a burden which simply cannot be found among the Linux operating system distributors that provide software solutions for Linux dedicated servers. Instead, these companies are very nimble and, because they have a vast community of developers all working in tandem, they can release cutting-edge new technologies and features long before Microsoft has adapted them to its own, proprietary platform.

That means that developers and web enthusiasts should naturally be drawn to a Linux dedicated server solution. These servers allow them to essentially develop their own websites, designs, and even web applications for the future — not for the present. And by the time Microsoft adopts a feature the the open source community widely considered to be “standard,” these new applications will function perfect and help to change the landscape of the internet itself. It’s a cycle that has been repeated time and again — and will likely be repeated many more times in the future.

Linux Dedicated Server Hosting is Generally More Affordable Per Month

A trend that persists across a vast majority of web hosts is this: Windows and Linux dedicated server packages are both affordable, but Linux is often more affordable between $5 and $20 per month. That’s because Linux is open source, and the companies who maintain these operating systems do not require the kind of exorbitant licensing fee that Microsoft demands when a company wishes to install its Windows Server operating system on server hardware.

Enterprise customers balk at the cost of training employes on new Linux technologies, but the web developer community — as well as web enthusiasts who are eager to learn — can easily break into Linux dedicated server hosting without the large amount of training and overhead expenses that would hamper a large organization. This means they get to take full advantage of the lower monthly cost, and there are relatively few — if any — hidden seems in the form of training which would detract from this good bargain.

Linux Dedicated Server Solutions are More Customizable

Because the general rule of thumb is that all applications installed on a Linux dedicated server are open source, developers will enjoy being able to customize how the entire server functions and interacts. They can write pieces of custom code that help them better process their data, display their content, or write their application’s code. They can integrate multiple pieces of software to perform a function that a Windows server simply could not handle. And it’s all legal — in fact, this process is generally encouraged by open source software developers. They consider it part of the software development process, and they’ll gladly include the best improvements in their next software version.

This ability to customize programs in between updates and force them to perform new functions is a great way of reiterating that those customers who choose a dedicated server are living on the cutting edge of technology. In fact, in this case, they are defining what the cutting edge constitutes.

The Right Mix of Price and Technology for Developers

Linux dedicated server hosting presents the perfect mix of open source software, the encouragement of development, and the offering of a great price on monthly hosting. Developers will appreciate these three crucial elements of the Linux dedicated server, and they’ll help turn that appreciation into the future of internet technology and development.

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