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Colocation Hosting: All of the Benefits, Little of the Work

Many companies are finding that hosting a server in-house is a tall order, and one which costs them a considerable amount of money. In comparison, colocation dedicated server hosting allows them the ability to outsource the hosting of their self-owned server to a reputable company and a knowledgeable team of professional technicians. Doing so actually saves companies money, as they have a fixed expense rather than one which is self-owned, self-managed, and wildly variable.

Colocation Hosting: Offloading Technical and Other Problems

Many companies simply do not have the proper facilities to host their own server, but they opt to do so because they feel that self-hosting a server is more affordable than advertised colocation hosting plans they’ve seen online. This is simply not true. A company which hosts its own server has to also run and manage its own in-house IT department with people who are specifically knowledgeable about server software, hardware, and functions. Going without colocation hosting also means the company is prone to large periods of downtime that reduce worker productivity and can reduce profits both in the short-term as well as the longer-term.

A colocation server company allows a business to buy its own hardware, and even maintain it if they like. But, unlike a self-hosted solution, a colocation dedicated server is connected to multiple redundant broadband connections and power sources so that it is available near 100 percent of the time. This is a significant upgrade over typical office space in the United States, which has no such redundancy and may subject a server to extended outages and periods of inaccessibility.

In essence, choosing colocation hosting over a self-hosted and self-managed solution allows a business to pay a small monthly fee for access to superior facilities, as well as a team of technicians that will excuse them from operating a vast and highly-paid IT department that may be weighing down company budgets.

Colocation Dedicated Server Hosting is Better for the Server’s Longevity

Without colo services, a company’s server is subject to the climate of an office building. As almost any office worker can attest to, these conditions are unpredictable and often uncomfortable. A server, too, must be comfortable — and that means keeping it at the right temperature, the right humidity, and having the proper airflow around the server itself. These are things that only a colocation hosting facility can provide.

A colocation dedicated server is typically kept in a large datacenter where climate conditions are tightly controlled and intensely monitored. These colocation server farms take their responsibility seriously, using a combination of air, water, and fan cooling technology to make sure that every colocation dedicated server is operating at maximum efficiency, in the idea environment.

A server which does not have the benefit of a colo facility is more likely to overheat and, because high amounts of heat can prevent a server from working properly, it may be slower when accessing or transferring data, syncing files, or accessing remotely. A colocation server simply works better, and at higher levels of efficiency, than a self-hosted server that is subjected to the whims of an office thermostat.

Colo Grows with a Business

Choosing a colo facility over a self-hosted option is akin to choosing a scalable storage option for the business’ data needs. As a company grows in size, it will inevitably require more server space. This may mean it requires multiple servers. Because offices are typically not generous with space and extra rooms to store these servers in, they may become a real space constraint and an inconvenience.

Colocation server hosting takes the servers out of the office, but does not make server data any more difficult or inconvenient to access. Connecting to a colocation server via a colo facility’s data connection is often faster than it would be in a typical office environment, with faster broadband connections making up for the latency that employees would expect from a server that may be stored several miles down the road in the next-closest city.

A Wide Choice for Space and Price

Colocation hosting is the choice of smart businesses — those who recognize that outsourcing isn’t always a bad word, and that space constraints need to be centered around the company’s growing data needs. It’s a decision that makes fiscal sense — and common sense — and it’s an increasingly common one among today’s data-hungry corporations and small businesses.

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