Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are the most coveted in the web hosting industry. Because dedicated servers provide services to only one organization, account and domain name, dedicated servers are more exclusive and more secure than shared servers. Most companies storing proprietary information or hosting an ecommerce website will require dedicated servers.

What is Included with a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server typically includes a web server and an operating system. The operating system typically consists of Linux or Windows. The server may also host software such as Control Panel or SQL.

Internet connectivity for dedicated servers is provided by most hosting companies. The Internet connection must be fast, reliable and have enough bandwidth to support substantial traffic. In most instances, the dedicated servers have connections between 10 Mb/s and 100 Mb/s via Ethernet.

Many dedicated hosting companies host servers at a remote location. Dedicated servers will be customized to the client’s specifications and will be physically located at the dedicated hosting company’s warehouse. When this approach is taken, companies do not have physical access to dedicated servers. Instead, business owners must rely on the technical support hired by the hosting company to address any technical needs.

Disaster Recovery and Dedicated Servers

This practice is affordable for companies and can also be a part of a company’s disaster recovery plan. In the event of disaster, data can automatically be recovered and business can resume. A dedicated server reduces the risk of disaster occurring because of another company’s mistake while using the same IP address. Risk of external attacks is also minimized with dedicated servers. Dedicated server hosting is recommended by many major businesses and organizations.

Dedicated servers are typically only used as a resource server and not as a client. Because the servers are owned by the hosting company, business owners do lose some control, but it is minimal compared to the savings. Businesses are protected and meet a component of disaster recovery by hosting data at an offsite location. Most hosting companies offer redundant power sources and data backup to ensure minimal to zero downtime.

Financial Benefits of Dedicated Hosting Companies

Server equipment and support is expensive. For a startup company to ramp up to full capabilities, the company would have to make a significant investment. Many small business owners simply cannot afford the initial investments. With dedicated hosting, companies can pay a small monthly fee and increase storage space or bandwidth as needed. Companies only pay for what they need at the moment. Dedicated hosting saves startup companies a significant amount of money.

Startups are particularly fond of this type of server hosting service because the company saves money while trying to become profitable. Some hosting companies will allow clients to purchase the servers after renting for a period of time. Purchases typically occur when a company wants more control of a server. In the meantime, the hosting company will manage sudden spikes in traffic and also provide more security as needed.

Try a Dedicated Server Today

Business owners should consider purchasing a dedicated server or using a dedicated hosting service. The savings are significant, and the flexibility is preferred. Most companies are satisfied with the level of support and customization hosting companies provide. Consider a dedicated server plan today.

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